You will not find a closer match to how Muay Thai is taught in Thailand and how it is taught at SIAM. SIAM attracts great staff and students to help you be at your best every time you train.
— Justin Neault
I have trained in gyms across Canada and North America; SIAM Muay Thai is one of my favourites. With the knowledge, experience and attitude of the coaches as well as the students, classes are always productive as well as fun. It’s always a great feeling showing up as well as leaving Siam after a session of hard work, sweat and smiles.
— Derek Parker (Pro Hockey player/MMA fighter)
I started at SIAM when I was 39 years old, and thought I was in decent shape. When I started, I was having back troubles and was experiencing a lot of stress in my personal life. Craig, Tammy, and all the rest of the trainers inspired me to work harder than I ever had before. Almost three years later, my back problems are gone, I feel like I have more balance in my life than ever before, and I now consider myself an athlete and in better shape than most 20 year olds!
— Jackie Lay
Having a fast paced, high stress life, fitness has always been a huge part of who I am. A great stress reliever. In the past it has been weights and some running I’ve used as my vice. Since joining SIAM, it has literally changed my life!! I live, breathe and dream Muay Thai. It is the highlight of my day. I Look forward to class and it has gotten me through some challenging days. Craig and the crew, are very knowledgeable and talented trainers who teach and share their love of the sport and in the process they have become much more than trainers. The staff at SIAM feels like family!! I am in great shape and no longer train just for stress relief and fitness. It has become a passion for me!! I crave it. A great addiction I’d say!! Thank you SIAM for all you dedication to your students and all the positive energy you have added to my life!!
— Brenda Fleming